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Interesting blog posts where you can learn about reforms, new energies, save on water and electricity consumption, and many other things that you can discover within each item. Decoration tricks, like doing with old things around home, transformation into new, eye-catching and unique, that your friends were amazed to see them.

When we've been going into the same place for a while, in the end what we loved so much becomes not so nice, that's why we have to change and reform the style of our rooms and living areas at home. Where we can feel comfortable and relaxed. Enjoying a peaceful stay thanks to a planned architecture of the spaces and solutions according to the needs of each user.

COVID-19 Communiqué

We inform you that due to the alarm status and the health emergency situation we are in because of COVID-19. Our studio and offices will remain closed until further notice. OS we will keep informed through social networks and web. You can contact us through […]

Kitchen reform

Comprehensive apartment reform

Nice comprehensive reform of an apartment in which the client asked us to take care of everything, If you hear!, Everything, even furniture and decoration. We are very happy with the result and the customer has marveled at the change of the apartment. Soon we'll show you more.

Fees of an architect

As they have changed the fees with the passage of the years. Years ago, architects' fees were set by the Spanish Higher Council of Architects (CSCAE). In 2006 removed such scale, so they are currently free for any type of work. These tables are still used […]

Project under construction

power hydraulics

Power hydraulics

Power hydraulics. Advantages and disadvantages.   In this video we can see how they create hydro-electric power, its operation and the benefits that offers, It is completely free. Although the cost of preparing these stations is expensive, the way forward is for the most recommended, to do […]