Energy certificate

certified example of energy efficiency

What is an energy certificate.
What you need to know…

Energy efficiency certificateIt is imperative to sell or rent a property. The energy certificate informs about the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions of a property. Either for sale or for rent.


Mandatory from June of 2013

The energy certificate is obligatory in Spain from the 1 of June of 2013 to rent or sell a property or local.

According to the Royal Decree 235/2013, Article of the legislation regulating the certificate in Spain, the Certificate is a required sample document.

The homeowner is responsible for obtaining it, who should hire the service of a technical certification to get your energy certificate.

Energy label and its use.

Energy efficiency labelThe content is summarized on the energy label. This label, looking similar to the present in appliance energy label, It indicates the ratings of emissions and consumption that the property was obtained in your energy certificate, on a scale of colors ranging from A, the most efficient, a-G, the less efficient.

The owner must provide your energy certificate to your real estate agency and include it in your ad in real estate portal.

In the case of sale of a property the owner must deliver the energy certificate to the purchaser. In addition the energy certificate should be included in the contract of sale.

In the case of for rent You must show and give the tenant a copy of the energy certificate. Also you will request the certificate energy at the time of the deposit of a rent in the official body that corresponds.


Fines and sanctions for rent or sell without energy certificate

Sell or rent without have an energy certificate represents an infringement and is sanctioned with fines ranging between the 300 and €600

The law 8/2013, of 26 June, It establishes sanctions for breach of the regulation of energy certification.

These sanctions are divided into three groups according to the gravity of the infringement. Since not to mention the energy rating in listings of property for sale or rent, to sell without having previously made the energy certificate or falsify the result of the same.

  • The minor offences, multaran with amounts between 300 to €600.
  • The serious violations carry associated fines from 601 to €1000.
  • The very serious violations carry fines of €1001 to €6000.


Contenido del certificado energético

The energy certificate is a report which consists of several pages. It contains abundant information on the orientation, the situation, the envelope, lighting and energy of the building production systems.

It contains the General information about the property, In addition to the technical certifying data.
The bottom shows the global energy rating of the building, en términos de emisiones de CO2 liberado a la atmósfera.

certified example of energy efficiencyThis qualification will be shown on the label of energy efficiency, When you register the energy certificate. It will also appear on the energy label energy consumption rating (KW h/m2•ano) indicated in annex II to this report.

In addition, the report has four annexes which breaks down the information:

  • Annex I, Describes the thermal characteristics of the building.
  • Annex II, It breaks down the energy rating of the building in the qualification of the different demands and energy consumption.
  • Annex III, concerning the recommendations for improvement.
  • Annex IV, the technician describes tests, checks and inspections carried out during the data collection process.



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