Power hydraulics

power hydraulics

Power hydraulics. Advantages and disadvantages.


In this video you can see how they create the hydraulic power, its operation and the benefits that offers, It is completely free. Although the cost of preparing these stations is expensive, the way forward is for the most recommended, coping with climate change.


Advantages of hydropower

We can not run hydroelectric power, ES renewable and clean. However, There are increasingly fewer places suitable for the construction of hydroelectric power stations and even less, where are such projects actually profitable. Electricity with hydroelectric generation is not pollutant in itself. The only pollution occurs in the very process of the construction of large power plants.

It is a source of energy very stable and secure. There is very little fluctuation in terms of production of power plants, unless changes in them needs. Is often used to ensure the minimum of energy demand. If there is water in the dams, electricity can be generated.
Compared to other types of energy such as nuclear, hydropower is much more safe for the human being because you only need to water, for the production of the same.

By controlling the flow of water can be produced more or less electricity on demand. The storage of water in dams and reservoirs makes the availability of the basis for the production of energy and this is used depending on the demand.

Energy adapted to our demand.

energía hidráulica

hydraulic power

Disadvantages of hydroelectric power

Environmental consequences

The construction of hydroelectric power plants affects the nature, to the natural flow of the water, and the construction of roads and power lines.

The hydroelectric plants affect fish. Their habitats are formed by multiple factors such as water level, the same speed, availability of shelters and access to food. Drainage of rivers downstream from a dam could be completely devastating to fish populations. For this reason, You must always ensure a flow or minimum ecological flow that allow fish to continue with their biological cycles, Although depending on the species, the construction of a dam is something incompatible with their life cycle.

Its setting up is expensive and is not simple

The construction of a hydroelectric plant is expensive. But on the other hand, Once running fewer workers are needed and maintenance costs are usually low. Projects should be studied carefully to minimize environmental impacts.


The generation of electricity and energy prices are directly affected by the amount of water reservoir. Droughts could certainly affect you. In recent years, the climate is being altered with periods of droughts longer than normal and have been numerous reservoirs have seen their levels under the minimum.

Finite reserves

The appropriate places for the establishment of a cost-effective Hydro are largely exhausted, so are usual lately putting up new complexes.

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