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Our study…

Sphere Architects Studio, is a dynamic studio, formed by architects, engineers and designers, they are in constant work and evolution to offer the best solutions every day.

The different needs of people in their day to day. One of the problems of our society and way of life is the lack of space and time, and this need in particular,

The multifunctional architecture in the use of spaces, is our proposal.

The so-called multifunctional projects, buildings and mixed-use spaces that mark a new trend that likely will continue to increase in the future.

We know that doubts and fears emerging when the purchase of a dwelling or a reform faces, both of a home or business, so with our Virtual Sphere We eliminated these doubts and uncertainties, so the customer does not have to worry about.

With the Virtual Sphere We offer the customer the reality of your project, before you start with the works.

The professionalism in our work, passion for what we do and the closeness of relationship with our clients, knowing what they want and needs, make solutions to meet your expectations in quality and taste for spaces.

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In Sphere Arquitectos, We can offer…


Projects and reforms.

  • Major and minor works projects.
  • Reforms of housing and buildings.
  • Restoration and rehabilitation.
  • Legalization of homes.
  • Management works.
  • Calculation of structures.
  • Measurements and budgets.


Certificates and reports.

  • Certificates, reports and documentation. (General)
  • Energy efficiency certificates.
  • Solidity and structural safety certificate.
  • Certified new construction, end of work, surface, etc…
  • Responsible for first occupation statement, old certificates of habitability.
  • Report of assessment of buildings.
  • Technical inspection of buildings. (ITE)
  • Expert report of architect.
  • Urban report. Compliance with regulations.


Administrative management.

  • Opening of local licenses.
  • Processing licenses of first occupation.
  • Real estate appraisals. Houses, Solar, farms, etc…
  • Study energy rehabilitation of buildings.
  • Change of use of local housing and vice versa.
  • Drafting of horizontal division of housing.
  • Examination of documents.
  • Computer graphics and 3D design.


Technical advice.

  • Technical and administrative advice.
  • Processing, management and monitoring of administrative permissions.
  • Previous studies of lots and houses. Real estate market.
  • Budgeting, economic control, execution, etc…
  • Measurements and budgets.
  • Study on safety and health at work.


Urban planning

  • Urban report. Compliance with regulations.
  • Development of urban planning.
  • Urban development projects.
  • Performance units.
  • Municipal management.
  • Details.

In final, Yes, We are at your service for anything you need,

What if something that you don't know if you can help, comment it us without commitment.


For any query, feel free to get in contact with us.