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Project under construction

As they have changed the fees with the passage of the years.

Years ago, Architects fees were set by the Council of architects of Spain (CSCAE). In 2006 removed such scale, so they are currently free for any type of work.

These tables are still using to mode guidance to establish the price and the percentage of these payments.


Payment of fees still raises many questions...


That include these fees??

An architect fees include an implementation project, the management of the necessary licenses, the coordination of the works and the industrial, the subsequent legalization and, of course, the guarantee of quality and security for possible damage during the 10 years after the completion of the works.

In addition, the hiring of a professional lowers the cost of the budgets of the industrial, What can significantly reduce the Material execution budget.


Honorary architect

How are they distributed fees?

Preliminary draft

Is paid when the customer accepts the work according to the preliminary draft, by way of pay and signal. Tends to be between the 7% and the 10% of the P.E.M. and thus the contract is formalized. The draft is not a budget, so you must pay is always, continue the work with the architect or not. Sometimes the preliminary draft is paid together with the next phase of the work..


Making it clear that we are talking about that fees are environment to the 10% of the P.E.M. Now we are going to break down that 10% in a total of the 100%. By what when in the following paragraphs we speak of the 30% o 40% PEM, This percentage refers to the 10% PEM.

Basic project

The Basic project, containing plans and a descriptive report to understand the project, as well as a general budget of work and which justifies the urban development regulation, takes the 30% fees. It pays to reach its completion. In addition, If no has claimed the draft before, they come together (What would make a 40% of the start up).

Implementation project

The Executive project, In addition to the Basic project contains levels of facilities and structure, as well as construction details, measurements and detailed with all the games budget, takes another 30% fees. You paid when you've finished this phase. Many promoters determines the payment to the licensing of works.


Project under construction

Project under construction

Coordination of works

The coordination of the works is the 30% end of the budget and is charged at the end of. These fees tend to also be conditional upon the granting of the final formalities to legalize the works, Like this, If the duration of the works is too long, are usually charged a percentage of fees on this last update 30%, by way of interest on arrears.

This pay architects fees is that since professional associations is often recommended but, It is a contract between private, forms of payment can be determined as both parties they prefer: as a payment a month, or in the case of the coordination of the works, by certification of completion.

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